Yamapi dating maki intimidatingly pretty

07-Aug-2020 22:08

She hesitated to open it, but thought maybe it’s from Koyama. She grabbed her coat and run out the apartment, in the midst of rain, her tears fell down.

So she opened it and was dead surprised to see the message! She couldn’t believe Yamapi was cheating on her on their anniversary! Yamapi didn’t realize that Akane already left the apartment, he walked out from the bathroom, only wore his jeans and towel around his neck, he still dried the hair when he reached the bedroom, no sign of Akane.“Strange!

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She opened the mailbox and before writing the new message, suddenly a new mail was coming in! ” and so she couldn’t think clear and asked for explanation.I would have the wrong idea myself if Kei-chan got mail from another girl with that kind of message! Akane kept walking under the rain until her feet started to shake and she couldn’t walk any longer, she was soaking wet from her hair to her shoes.She sat on the bench of a park, and tears still fell down from her eyes.She inserted the key, turned it right and the door was opened. His apartment isn’t big but comfortable enough, she loved to spend times observing his place.

She loved especially the big sofa they often used to watch DVD with his big flat screen TV.She took out the key that Yamapi gave her on their 1st month anniversary, yup they did celebrate that!