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Additionally, we need a link to the group's post on this subreddit, of course, so we can actually do something about it; if we don't have the link, we can't find the group.It would also help to know the group hashtag, just in case.It's also helpful to provide your dog's date of diagnosis and general location…and if possible, the results of his most recent electrolyte test (Na: sodium and K: potassium). 6) Please change the subject line appropriately if it no longer matches the content of a thread.7) Reading through some of the "old" messages that have been posted by other members can be very helpful.We're a very friendly group and we'd like to know a little about you.Once your membership is approved please introduce yourself as soon as possible.

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Even if its just dirty flirtying or joking, that's leaning into the realm of NSFW and should likely be posted there in r/NSFWKik Groups.

), just looking for normal people to have conversation with, flirt a little and have fun!

We do games sometimes and have daily themes - depending on what day it is or/and national holiday, too!

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You already do what you can to protect your kids in everyday life, make sure you're doing everything that you can to keep them safe online.Learn how to provide a safe online environment for your child.

My name is Darya and I am a strong and many-sided young woman.… continue reading »

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While this was used to be a great resource in the past it seems to be less well taken care of this year.… continue reading »

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