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16-Feb-2020 13:45

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Mind that the task uses Wicket injection machinery to inject an implementation of IAnswer Service, so, that mean we need to have Application as a thread local when Injector.get().inject(this); is called.This is achieved by providing a runnable that beside executing tasks, will make sure Application and Session are attached, and properly detached, as thread locals. The more complex class is Tasks List Panel which uses an Ajax Fallback Default Data Table in order to display running tasks.

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There are other user interactions, like creating new tasks and pruning "dead" tasks, but we will not get into the details.

This task does nothing but iterate from 1 to 100 and repeatedly call a service, IAnswer Service, to get some text messages to pass to the WEB layer via the Execution Bridge instance.

This class also uses information contained on bridge to determine if the task should be stopped or canceled.

Maybe it will get better with Nashorn with Java 8 but it will take some time.

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And someone, like Wro4j, will have to create adapters for all these useful tools.

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