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On the basis of these and other previous claims Ms Boof quickly emerged as a darling of the anti-Sudan campaign, and was embraced by activists such as Joe Madison and Maria Sliwa of "Free World Now".

(4) The 'New York Times' revealed how impressionable members of African-American society came forward to help her campaign because of having read her claims as publicised on the Internet. The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWD), for example, arranged simultaneous demonstrations in New York city, Los Angeles and Washington-DC on 7 November 2002 to "protest" the "Sept.

In this article he criticised her "falsehood and dishonesty" in previous claims.

Ms Boof subsequently claimed that this article was in fact a fatwa, inaccurately stating that fatwa is "a contract for assassination".

A recent and archetypal example of this process was the manipulation of the image of Sudan for personal and propaganda purposes in the campaign surrounding a woman calling herself Kola Boof.

(1) The author of 'Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories of African Women', Ms Boof's "sudden" appearance on the Internet "several months ago" was noted by 'The New York Times' in December 2002.

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These horsemen are only found in southern Kordofan, several hundred miles away from Omdurman.Egyptian/Sudanese-American novelist and writer Kola Boof speaks out on the same sex bill.