Who is kendra from atlanta housewives dating

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We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial.

Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately.

She’s obsessed with trying to hurt me but she will continue to lose that battle in perpetuity. REAL MEN DON’T FIGHT WITH WOMEN No real or decent man verbally attacks a woman.

With her alleged illegal dealings and random and ridiculous business ventures, she is not only a liar, an embarrassment to her family, as well as the laughing stock of the law industry. The truth is, Peter, Apollo, and Kordell have all shown unacceptable aggression and intimidation toward women.

We have seen the extreme lows of how far Phaedra is willing to stoop by what she did to Ne Ne, me, Angela Stanton, and anyone else who dares to cross her. How would she know that had she not been directly communication with him?

She even went as far as to recruit my ex as a client and advised him to exploit himself by lying about the status of our relationship in staged radio interviews. Phaedra will never be the smartest woman in the room if I’m also present.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain Apollo was coached by Phaedra.

Hence why I showed my phone with all the texts to Andy to prove my innocence and offered to pass it around for full and transparent disclosure.

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After being beat down by former NFL player Kordell Stewart’s ex wife, Porsha Williams, on last season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, Kordell is one man she shouldn’t try to date. Sources say fellow cast mate, Peter Thomas is opening up a new “Bar One” where Stewart and Moore both attended and apparently hit it off.I’m happy to call you a friend and hope that our relationship continues to grow. Kandi: I have always been a fan and am so proud watching your life flourish. I think Todd is a wonderful man and can’t wait to see what is next for you in business and in life. I know you beyond the heels, beyond the makeup and your persona. My angels Saisha, Brandon Deshazer, Brandon Roberts, Chanda, Lauren, Lisa, Tracey, my family, and Velvet. I thank you for your kind and unkind words, your love and your hate, your support and disdain, your likes and dislikes. Thank you for staying neutral and true to yourself. I’m proud to call you a friend but you are my family. Through it all you have been engaged and entertained and you have expressed yourself. Kenya has been accused of faking scenes, stirring up more drama to get even more airtime.

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When she first joined the cast of the hit show back in season 5, her relationship with Walter Jackson, was fake. While Moore has a lot of supporters, she has even more haters.I don’t think anyone is surprised she was not asked back.

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