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Since the video, she has increased her notoriety by starring in a vacuous reality TV series, posing in countless modelling assignments and launching a much derided pop and film career.But she is especially adept at being photographed falling in and out of nightclubs, often drunk, and often in various states of undress.These are typical moments in the life of 25-year-old Paris.Yet, far from being an embarrassment, I have discovered that Paris is actually maintaining the family traditions.The unplanned bundle of joy conceived in that car would grow up to be 'Little Kathy', Paris's mother.Big Kathy's third husband was Jack Catain, a sinister figure in organised crime whom she is said to have married and divorced twice, impressed by the big diamond he gave her and by his tough-guy persona.Other hotels followed, and Connie was on the way to making his first millions.He worked hard, played hard and, going on 40, was still a bachelor.

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Big Kathy was very ambitious and obsessed with accumulating money, diamonds, fancy cars, expensive homes - and husbands to pay for them all.In August 1925, Connie opened the Dallas Hilton, his first purpose-built hotel, and less than a month later, aged 38, he married Mary, just 19, in Dallas.Ten months later, their first son, Nick Hilton was born.Rick Hilton was a cute 23-year-old with a mop of blond, Shirley Temple curls and a laid-back West-Coast manner.

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He was the sixth of William Barron Hilton and Marilyn Hilton's eight children, and grandson of Conrad Hilton, patriarch of the wealthy and powerful hotel dynasty.

Fifteen months after the wedding, in February 1981, Kathy gave birth to Paris Whitney.