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The anniversary of the rebellion is celebrated on March 5, and March 20 is observed as Kirkuk Liberation Day.In some Islamic countries (Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Mauritania), Father's Day is celebrated on the 13th day of the month of Rajab.

He returned to Wellington in 1871, and died in 1872. Francis Redwood, the first Archbishop of Wellington, and Metropolitan of New Zealand, was born in the Diocese of Birmingham, England, in 1839.Every year engineers in Belgium and the Netherlands celebrate a special day, that praises their skills and inventions.It's Engineer's Day and it's annually celebrated on the third Wednesday in March.International Astrology Day is annually observed on spring equinox.

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It can be celebrated by the astrologers and enthusiasts between March 19 and 22, though the most frequent dates are March 20 and 21.In 2010, UNESCO (the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) established United National Language Days.