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Since 1922, when I returned to England, till the present date, I have been cut off from personal communication with any Nepali speaker, and all my inquiries have perforce been made through the tedious and imperfect communication of writing. l„ U’h of J it 'v'i.m I im Dictionary winch are ab yet only n j roof oj m iniiscript P i my fell w workers cn til itinc it m tin. Tlie first collections of words, begun under the wall of the old Gurkha fort in Almora, were continued throughout a summer in the fortified camp of Thai on the North-West Frontier, during tour ocean voyages between Bombay and Suez, on the banks of the Canal and the southern shores ot the Gulf of Suez, and among the stony Judaean Hills where so many Gurkhas found their graves, and finally, when peace had once more returned to the world, during a six-month sojourn in Darjeehng. Not can I fail to recall the kindness of the Bada Kaji ilanyahar Mancimaii Sing, Othuci of the st.n of Nepal, Principal Private Secretary to His Highness the Prime Mmister, who helped me iti man\ The name of Mr Duncan, joint-author of the Engl Kh-Nepaii dieiionarw has already la » n mentioned. fbnig.ipiamd Pradlian have been mdefatigable in answering the many questions put to them fioin tiim* lo imn Brigadier-General the Hon. His hospitality was equalled only by his readuu'ss to put at iu\ dopo.-ai In- hmg experience of the Nepah language. Thus Jiori beside Jioli, bmad ' ox ’ e[ort d'x t [ p^rh the obi and pi of i,n *elo cf eia J ih nnfrlc and further K.

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With their example before me it has been my endeavour in this dictionary to give to all those interested in the Aryan languages of India generally and in Nepali in particular a dictionary in which for the first time an attempt has been made to indicate W'lth some degree of scientific accuracy the etymologies of an Indo-Aryan language as a whole. In more recent times Nepali has borrowed a very great number of words from neighbouring ludo-Aryau languages The cliief source for these has been, and still is, Hindustam.