Vega banjo dating

29-Sep-2019 23:24

Allen screws at the neck/pot junction and a tube connecting rod (not shown) are design features from the 1960`s in Boston .

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Cam shows no regstraion

In the Martin SN files, banjo #1302252 manufactured in 1971 is designated as a “BJF-5 (Pro)” style instrument. The handsome Professional-5 model with an upgraded tone ring and rim re-appeared in the 1972 Vega/Martin banjo catalogue- but no sign ever again of the short lived BJF-5 stringer.These data were generously provided to the BRC founder in 2000 by the family owned Martin Guitar department of history.From its early Boston beginnings, the Vega Banjo Company made splendid and now vintage instruments, including the Earl Scruggs signature model he endorsed in the 1960′s.The two legendary musicians in the camp photo are banjo godfather Tony Trischka and Grammy award winner Eric Weissberg (click to enlarge). Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in 1972. Note the unique cluster of 3 sound apertures spaced around the tone ring of the below VIP-5 model owned by the BRC founder (SN 1364).

Close study of the flange can sometimes reveal, however, that it is left-over Vega hardware from the Needham Heights factory.

Just wondering if you have any interesting data on this ax.