Validating gridview

07-Feb-2020 08:26

One of the most important features provided by Rad Grid View is the data validation.Data validation features enable you to take complete control of the data entered in your grid's cells. This is the validation that is built into the business object implementation. Empty) I have used this code then I debugged it then at null row it is showing me ; a space character please tell me now How could I reomve this space and make my row invisible.The Grid View and Details View controls in the examples we've explored over the past three tutorials have all been composed of Bound Fields and Check Box Fields (the field types automatically added by Visual Studio when binding a Grid View or Details View to a data source control through the smart tag).

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While this exception can be gracefully handled as demonstrated in the previous tutorial, ideally the editing or inserting user interface would include validation controls to prevent a user from entering such invalid data in the first place.

It may be set to one of the following values: In R2 2016, Telerik introduced the Validation Type property of Rad Grid View. This results in a binding validation error (Figure 3) and the Grid View Bound Column Base editor will enter into an invalid state.