Validating checkboxes with php starbucks dating policy

25-Dec-2019 11:38

For a single checkbox, ensure that if a value is supplied, it's the correct one.If a value isn't supplied for the checkbox, then the box wasn't checked.I have created a dynamic subnav in my page where entries can be added or removed in the admin area for the site. I have some dynamically generated checkboxes from the database. How can call the data from mysql and make the values checked on the checkboxes Have got three tables.

As result/row is retuned to the user i would like to be able to detect whether or not they have checked a checkbox at the end of each rown in which case multiple rows can then be deleted from the database upon the user clicking a 'delete multiple records' button.I have no problem in being able to display the checkboxes on the webpage but i am a little unsure as to how to refernce them and detect which ones the user has checked.