Validating a form in javascript

31-Aug-2020 18:51

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// If too short if (Short) return 'Please lengthen this text to ' Attribute('min Length') ' characters or more.You are currently using ' field.value.length ' characters.'; // If too long if (Long) return 'Please short this text to no more than ' Attribute('max Length') ' characters.User studies from Christian Holst and Luke Wroblewski (separately) found that displaying an error when the user leaves a field, and keeping that error persistent until the issue is fixed, provided the best and fastest user experience.Unfortunately, none of the browsers natively behave this way.If the field is a radio button or checkbox, we need to change how we add our error message to the DOM.The field label often comes after the field, or wraps it entirely, for these types of inputs.

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This will render a simple list of errors on top of the form.

Also note we fire the validation on submit rather than as every field is modified.

The final thing to note is that each of the three fields has a corresponding logic (which is run on submit remember) checks for name and age only as movie is optional. Don’t forget that on a successful submission it’s going to POST to a temporary URL.

We'll do this by adding a listener for the class, we'll get every field, loop through each one, and check for errors.

We'll store the first invalid field we find to a variable and bring it into focus when we're done.Once the field validates, we need to remove the error message.