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At times, the metadata could be used to augment other collections but the software does not provide native support for object relationship update and augmentation.

This article describes a project updating author metadata in one collection using a local reconciliation service generated from another collection’s authority records.

But once Fedora 10 is installed, isn't it worth the pain? This is mainly KDE 4.1's fault, becasue 4.1 had lots of problems (including being so slow I could barely stand to use it). The KDE team, for misleading people about how good 4.1 would be, or the Fedora team, for shipping "beta" software and not shipping the good ol' 3.5? The KDE devs listened and brought this feature back to KDE in a non-sucky way.

Well, that's neither here nor there anymore: I just installed the update that brings KDE 4.2 to Fedora 10. Also, I was able to find the option for disabling one-click activation.

I recently posted about my installation of Fedora 10 and my thoughts about the distribution.

updating to fedora 10-45

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Unfortunately Grub was never meant to be installed by humans, and it seems even the computer gets it wrong; I had to try a bunch of things to get the darned thing working and it took several tries.

Since I couldn't get the installer to work I decided to try using the package updater, yum, to do the upgrade.

This failed miserably: yum complained that the new packages conflicted with the old.

Because the Goddard Library is on the cusp of a migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4, this article addresses the challenges in updating Fedora 3 and ways Fedora 4’s architecture will allow for easier updates.

by Ruth Kitchin Tillman This article documents a project undertaken to augment metadata within the NASA Goddard Library Repository.[1] The repository runs on a custom Fedora 3.3/Drupal 7 setup.

First, I bought a PCI-Express Wi Fi card for my server.