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05-Jun-2020 13:24

I have an Orders form with subform to show existing purchases and allow new ones to be added. Recalc, which gave Run-time error 438, 'Object doesn't support this property or method' - Forms! Customer ID HAVING (((qry Firkins By Customer Within Date Range. [Orders].[Customer ID])); The previous query, qry Firkins By Customer In Date Range has SQL SELECT qry Firkins Total Per Order. Achieving a target level qualifies them for a discount, and adding in the current order may be important if it allows the target to be reached.

An unbound field Total Firkins In Period on the main form shows the total volumes purchased over a defined period up to the current date, using source =DLook Up("Total In Period","qry Firkins Total In Period") When adding new items to the subform I want this field to update after each new entry. I tried including in the subform's After Update event - Me. My Total Firkin In Period field calculates correctly for orders up as far as the current one but isn't then updating for new items. First added a new order with a single order item that should have increased the total by 1. DLook Up("Total In Period","qry Firkins Total In Period") gave the original total (as displayed on the form) without the extra 1. Just to be clear, I'm creating a new order and add purchases in the subform, which is in datasheet view. Move Next Loop End With 'Variable volume levels - set discount % based on total firkin equivalents in order If TF 0 Then !

The part I'm adding calculates an additional loyalty discount based on order history.

Private Sub Form_After Update() Dim Disc As Variant Dim TF As Variant 'Calculate the total added firkins every time a new order item is entered TF = 0 With Me.

I have a job-tracking system, and there is a query that returns results of all jobs that are overdue. Execute str SQL2, db Fail On Error End Sub is completely incorrect, I believe this is what I need to figure out?

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Move Next Loop End With 'Trying things to get the total firkins to update If Me. I thought this was supposed to be equivalent to closing and reopening the form but not so for the way it's configured. I put a break point in the After Update event I attached above and it stepped through to the end as intended. One of the criteria for including firkins in the total displayed is that the order date falls within the specified time period.For example, you have ID of record that should be updated in the form data set, so you can write something like: 2) You can look at the Bookmark property - both Recordset and Form has this property, it describes the record position.

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