Updating ibook g4

01-Feb-2020 12:14

The Apple Support Downloads page is most useful for finding software for more recent older Macs, particularly anything that is running a version of Mac OS X, even if it’s no longer a supported or updated system software release, like for Macs running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.5.

If you’re looking to extend the life of such a Mac, the official Apple Support Downloads page can be quite useful and provide you with older versions of i Tunes, Safari, i Life, and much more. Just search for apps, system updates, and software packages by name. Say, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 system software, or System 7.5.2 and System 7.6.1?

But these type of resources are excellent for working with much older Macintosh computers, whether it’s an original Bondi Blue i Mac, a G4 Cube, a Macintosh SE/30, Performa 6220, i Book, Power Book 2400, or the whole array of pre-Intel Mac computers.

These links can also be helpful if you’re a retro emulator fan and you’re wanting to acquire a particular software package or library for local emulation, for example you can use Mini v Mac emulator to run System 7 and have an entire old Mac system installation right on top of your existing modern Mac OS, or you can use third party tools like Basilisk or Sheep Shaver for emulation on modern Macs too.

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Attempt 1: DVD-R I purchased some 4.8 GB DVD-R disks ...

I have recently installed Lubuntu Deasktop on my Power Book G4.

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Visit Stack Exchange My Apple Power Book G4 running Ubuntu 16.04 powerpc with XFCE4 desktop is now booting into a completely dark screen where I can only just see to put in my password. I have Ubuntu 16.04 installed on my Power Book G4, this install has been running well for the last 3 years but yesterday when it booted, it lead to a black screen and unresponsive computer. When I look at rmadison, I see that on occasion a package is built for the ppc64el platform.