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S.'s most popular TV talk shows at the time of its release.Note: This review and the rating have been done from the perspective of learning to get more success with women.It will introduce you to some of its originators, its culture and open your eyes to what is possible to achieve with women.You will not learn actual techniques from this book, but it will MOTIVATE you to get started like it has done for thousands of men around the world.In particular, I remember what one of my buddies said when he read it, "You always knew it was there...but noone talked about it, you always knew there was a reason the worst guys seemed to get the girls.. The curtain is drawn on the big secret." That is the value of this book - it will 'open your eyes' to the possibilities.The book's popularity helped Mystery, who takes front stage in the documentary-story, to sign his reality TV show with VH-1 - The Pick Up Artist Season 1, after which there has also been a follow up The Pick Up Artist Season 2.Everyone I have spoken to who has read this book has found it inspiring, and a large majority of the world's dating advice students only took an interest after reading this book.

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Those techniques I had already become familiar with.

The important factor of the book was the journey that Style had gone through.

The journey as an AFC to a novice to a PUA and finally to m PUA.

That Journey offered examples of those that were naturals and those that learned the game.

It also showed the destructive pattern of those that had allowed the game to fully take over their lives. I am half way through the book: 'The Game' by Style.

They do not reflect the 'entertainment' value of the book itself - the book is a very entertaining read.

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