Taurus men dating cancer women

24-Nov-2019 18:09

He gave me all the attention love and affection I've always wanted and I love that about Cancer men. I am utterly head over heels for this guy but he is very very very slow to give his heart. He is indeed moody and I tend to fuss at him and push him into his shell from time to time..

I think a Taurus w0man and Cancer male bel0ng t0gether. Should I move near him, even though we're just friends to spend more time with him? Im in a place where im going to make a move anyway and I could make it close to him. I went out with a Cancer guy, we were both young 16 years old.. But the beginning was like a dream come true, we immediately fell in love with each other I would fall asleep with his sweater with his cologne on it everything seemed perfect.

we are both interested in pleasing, which makes it all the more satisfying. this is a relationship that will endure the test of time, and it will only get better I have been with a Cancerian guy for 6 yrs now... yes they do keep their emotions and innermost feelings bottled up... but we need to understand that even we do not like to share feelings with just every one and do it only with few very close people... but with time they also start telling their feelings... This is the first Cancer I have ever dated and I do not know how to approach him with my feeling for him, I don't want to move too fast. Well about 18 months later, knock me over with a feather who buys the house two doors up from me! He regularly drives up and down the road...looking, checking me out, I see him but that's it, he doesn't go any further than that. We broke up when I moved away and had been trying to have a long distance relationship.

He is the one for me I may be young but I falling in love with my high school sweet heart... He brought a dude that would hurt me no matter what.. He haven't had sex yet just waiting for the rite time cuz I wanna give him my all..night I no will be something I will never forget..

Every day he would tell me how beautiful I look ,the more I got to know him the more I started to fall for him he is smart, sweet, confident, spontaneous, and very affectionate haven't had sex yet but if his sex is anything like his hugs and kisses then I won't be disappointed.

As time went on I would catch him staring at me while I was working and he was always willing to help me with something.

ive had my share with Scorpio girls there some else, but I dint know Cancer & Taurus were supposed to hit it off to. Virgo your in da freaky circle me & the Taurus girl really do have a bond already. I need advice on what I can do to try and get this man back.

I asked him to walk away and never contact me again (I am sure he will try) but I was tried of the games and having to PULL info out of him. I am a Taurus female and I love the attention and the affection that he shows me.... we had a thing 4 each other rite off the top really I feel the bond. However, we still live in two different places and I know that's a big thing for him.

I know he's been hurt before, but I have no intentions to change him or hurt him. All the girls at work would throw themselves at him and jus act like groupies and that made me pay even less attention to him.