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17-Oct-2020 06:02

Due to the love-drug known as oxytocin, some men and women become somehow emotionally bonded after having sex.

This means you’re more likely to overlook their less than charming personality traits.

As a female, you don’t want to lose your partner’s interest by never putting out, or equally make him feel like you don’t love or want him sexually.

[Read: Why men subconsciously find the chase irresistible and end up falling harder] Letting your partner know where you stand is important.

We want fast internet, fast food, fast money and fast sex.

Alright, maybe not so much that last one out of context, but the rest is true.

For example, are you going to offend your partner with your actions? That being said, it’s important to get it all out in the open at first.

As a male, you may wonder if you’re coming off like a wuss, or perhaps you may even be offending your partner and making her wonder why she isn’t desirable to you.

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[Read: How to be more playful and fun in your relationship] Why wait Learning is only half the battle! What’s more thrilling than the months-long foreplay of not getting to sleep with someone?

Simply let your partner know: “I want to take things slow. ” Then you can figure out where the other person stands before you’ve gone in too deep. The biggest no-no if you’re trying to take it slow is sleeping over, especially if wine is involved.

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