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17-Apr-2020 09:51

Carbon dating is therefore only unquestionably accurate for a few thousand years; any results beyond that frame is questionable. What’s more, carbon dating seems to be based on a fallacy.

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The key things about C-14 are that it is radioactive, that it is unstable, which forces it to emit particles and therefore decay over time.

This is because both elements comprise the same number of protons and electrons, but a different number of neutrons.

The twins are then identified by different denotations, highlighting the number of neutrons, which is appended to the element’s symbol.

The half-life of C-14 is 5,370 years, which means that it becomes half of what it originally was in 5,370 years, one-fourth in 10,740 years, one-eighth in 16,110 years and so on.

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Extend the trend and one discerns that accurately measuring that the entirety of the atoms decays or, at least the percentage below which they become undetectable, after around 50,000 years.The radioactive carbon will react with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce radioactive carbon dioxide.