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07-Oct-2019 17:21

You can't get far in the world of pick-up artistry without a silly name.The aforementioned Neil Strauss went under the pseudonym of “Style”. Others have called themselves “Juggler”, “Formhandle”, “Ice Dragon” (seriously), and perhaps best of all “Gunwitch”.This behaviour, apparently, is called “peacocking”. The jargon Similarly, like lots of little boys' clubs, the pick-up artist world has developed its own pseudo-technical language.PUAs, of course, are the Pick-Up Artists themselves (entertainingly, if you get really good, you can be a Pick-Up Guru or PUG).or as i expect they look like a waste of time with alot of fake profiles.

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They use Displays of High Value (DVH) to impress women with LSE (Low Self Esteem).

I agree with Nova though it should be an extra thing to do when you're out of field.