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03-Jul-2020 16:10

Growing up 30 mins from downtown Manhattan Seaatle is struggling for an identitiy, there is no urban radio station here, every major city in the country has an urban station. As far as the "scene" frankly, just go to just about any casino here.Back to her question, sister it will be difficult, and when someone can provide a place to meet beautiful people of color. Most of the "urban" bars, they've had around here, sadly, didn't control the Thug or Gangsta environment and they wound up forcefully closing.If you believe that you have the power to affect outcomes and change your external environment, you should be more concerned with focusing on yourself rather than your city. I was wondering what the dating scene is like for black women in Seattle. However, when you ask a black woman if she will ever date/marry a white man, the answer always is no, because they say, "blacks should only date/marry their own people, etc." IN a way, I can respect this, as in Judaism, many of my people say we should never intermarry, although I also challenge them on "who is a black person", since black people come from various backgrounds.In other words if you are unpleasant or have no game, you could move to the best place possible and you'll still get shot down perpetually. Where I live, black women are passed over by everyone. I notice any black female/white male couple usually is between a black woman who is not African American or does not have African AMerican parents.There would obviously be some reprogramming needed in cultural integration by both sides, but nothing that is impossible.I don't think there is any stigma towards black women dating non-black men.

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I've been told black women are looked down on their community for intermarrying, much more than men.Many think they can only find a black man, in a place where many black men will only date white women.