Podcasts not updating in itunes

18-Aug-2020 13:03

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The only place they appear is in a new "Podcasts" playlist, which isn't much use to me for keeping track of episodes and subscriptions. :-/ Once you have podcasts showing, using the dropdown upper right, if you switch to list view (weirdly located as one of 3 options in center of entire window, under "progress bar"), if you then click the twirl-down arrow for a podcast, a big gray arrow will automatically show if there are un-dowloaded episodes of that podcast.

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Happening with car talk, ask me another, wait wait, and planet money. I only jsut realized that all of the errors are on NPR podcasts only. After doing some detective work, when I open the "file" information, each of the podcast episodes that are not downloading have a ? my local train station) that reliably allow me to download from NPR and other podcast feeds for which warnings say certificates are invalid.

This will send a signal to Apple's computers to force a refresh of your feed within 24 hours (I've seen it work much faster, but give it up to 24 hours).

If you still experience problems, and you've explored the Podcast Connect document, checked your artwork, and tried the refresh, and it still won't update, then I would submit a ticket to Apple Care via email at [email protected] Libsyn is your hosting provider, you can contact them here. If you should ever need help with your podcast, please contact us here on this website, we'd be happy to speak with you.

Here's the direct link: https://podcastsconnect.apple.com/For complete instructions, please read this section of Podcast Connect, but it's really straight-forward and easy.

Log in, click on your podcast, and look for "Refresh Feed". Share Sunday (10am-8pm): focusing on the current business, finance and economics stories from around the globe, we explain why these trends and themes really matter.

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