Percy and annabeth dating fanfic

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Given all that he’d been through in the last few years, she didn’t think it was at all neurotic to imagine the worst.“Yeah, I’m fine. A week ago, Percy had asked permission to have friends over to watch movies. If that poor girl had been forced to spend the holiday in the dorm…“Yeah, she flew back this afternoon. “To Kill a Mockingbird,” he mumbled without looking away from his task. “Mom, don’t be weird.”“Percy, unless I’m mistaken, that book was a reading assignment,” Paul admonished mildly. “And Annabeth says that the movie is really accurate to the book.”A buzz from the intercom cut through the conversation.

” Percy hardly ever called Sally while she was at work. Paul raised his eyebrows at Sally as Percy turned away. We have to watch this movie for school.” Percy moved into the living room and started putting game discs and controllers back in the storage bin under the TV. ” Sally wished that she’d thought to have Percy extend an invitation. “Maybe I can watch it with you.” Percy looked thoroughly disgusted.

“Travis and Katie, Connor and Kayla, maybe Michael and Miranda.

Oh, and Annabeth, of course.” “Of course,” Sally repeated, repressing a smile.“So, can I go now?

My fiance the english teacher might be another matter.”“That’s right! A lie by omission certainly, but truthful in its own way. Pausing, she held up her hand and they stopped to listen for a moment. They’re so weird.” Sally heard Percy open the player and insert the movie disc. Believe me, after a weekend at my Dad’s house, it’s a nice change.”“That sucks. I’m used to it.” Sally’s motherly heart sank at the resignation in Annabeth’s tone.“I’m gonna grab a soda. ”“Sure, as long as it’s not that hideous blue stuff you drink.”At Percy’s indignant sound of protest, Sally almost laughed and gave herself away. “Something to do, I guess.”“And who is going to be there?

She smiled at Paul and shook her head.“So this isn’t a date? Her only response was more silent laughter.~~~“So you’re going... ” Sally asked incredulously.“Yup.” Percy sat, tying his shoes. ” Sometimes, Sally thought, it’s impossible to get a straight answer from a teenager.“Some kids from camp.

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“You know you’re the best mom ever.”“I know.” Sally smirked, sitting back in the recliner. Percy jumped up to meet him at the end of the hallway, reaching for the box on top of the stack. ” Percy asked nervously.“Extra olives,” Paul confirmed, nodding. So she asked again anyway.“So you’ll be in the Park? I’m meeting her there in, like, twenty minutes.” “Annabeth?Sally wasn’t sure what was in this “soothing blend” tea, but it certainly wasn’t working.She had given up pacing after an hour or so and collapsed in the overstuffed recliner, tapping her fingers against the ceramic mug.So her son was headed to a bowling alley to meet a bunch of other couples, and Annabeth, on Valentine’s day weekend.

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Well, she’d be sure not to call it a group date in front of Percy.~~~ He was supposed to be home by .

Sally opened the kit and handed Percy the small bottle Chiron had given her when they’d agreed to let Percy live at home. ”“In the subway on our way back from dinner.” “You took Annabeth out to dinner? ”“I cleared it with Paul before he left for that Debate thing.”“So if I talk to him after he gets back from the field trip, he’s going to tell me that you asked him about this? Bring movies and stuff.”“And cake.”Percy shrugged awkwardly. Besides, you’re the one who taught me that girls like chocolate when they’re depressed.”“Alright.” Sally gave Percy the smile she’d been holding for a while.

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