Penguin seal carbon dating

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Seals and fur seals are related to bears, descended from an otter-like terrestrial ancestor, and they all have a more or less aquatic lifestyle.The pinnipeds include 34 species and 48 subspecies.Mating takes place at the rookeries, and the males exercise extreme polygyny in these dense aggregations, with one male fertilizing many females.

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Once the pups have been born, there is a postpartum estrus period, and most females are mated within a few days of the last birth.

The most abundant pinniped is the crabeater seal, which lives in the Antarctic pack ice; the ringed seal in the Arctic is also quite abundant, with numbers in the millions. S., the most well-known (and watched) concentrations of seals are in California and New England.

Seals and sea lions are mostly fish-eaters, although most of the species also eat squid, mollusks, crustaceans, marine worms, sea birds, and other seals.

The ones that eat mostly fish specialize in oil-bearing species like eels, herrings, and anchovies because they swim in shoals and are easy to catch, and are good energy sources.

Seals can dive deeply and for extended periods (up to 2 hours for some species) because they have a higher concentration of hemoglobin in their blood and their large amounts of myoglobin in their muscles (both hemoglobin and myoglobin are oxygen-carrying compounds).

It takes between three and six years for pups to reach sexual maturity; females produce only one pup a year, and only about 75 percent survive.