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(Or that Presley, as a federal agent, was forced to go into witness protection.) It got more interesting: A man subsequently bought a plane ticket to Buenos Aires under the name John Burrows -- an alias Presley used for hotel reservations.But Presley wasn't an actual federal agent, and many of these so-called sightings don't really look like Elvis at all. That is, until the rumored 663-page FBI file on Presley is released. I was voted Best Girl Athlete in high school, but I was a high jumper, not a runner. And on a twisty back road through tangled orange-and-scarlet thickets, a young couple in a car pick me up about a quarter-hour after I escape. I don’t know how many apertures and openings you possess, Reader, but Moonves, with his arms squirming and poking and goosing and scooping and pricking and prodding and jabbing, is looking for fissures I don’t even know I own, and — by God! Nassar abused some of the young women in front of their own mothers. Here is a shortened version of its description: “This loving homage to Girl Scouting is a record of many of the experiences and incidents and occurrences spanning the over twenty-five years of dedicated service of Cam Parks, done mostly at Camp Ella J. (Here’s what the White House said: “This is a completely false and unrealistic story surfacing 25 years after allegedly taking place and was created simply to make the President look bad.”) And (b) I run the risk of making him more popular by revealing what he did. As we are standing just inside the door, I point to the handbags. ” he says, making the face where he pulls up both lips like he’s balancing a spoon under his nose, and begins talking about how he once thought about buying Bergdorf ’s. Bergdorf Goodman’s perfections are so well known — it is a store so noble, so clubby, so posh — that it is almost easier to accept the fact that I was attacked than the fact that, for a very brief period, there was no sales attendant in the lingerie department. Sometimes a person won’t find a sales attendant in Saks, it’s true; sometimes one has to look for a sales associate in Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, or even Tiffany’s; but 99 percent of the time, you will have an attendant in Bergdorf’s. He lets go of both of my wrists for two seconds to open the knife, and I roll out from under him and run. Two or three blocks from my place, my boss runs a red light, stomps the brakes, skids to a halt, and, jabbering about “that cunt” or “a cunt” or “all cunts,” jams his hand between my legs so hard I bang my head into the dashboard trying to protect myself. My boss must be doing the following things: pulling over, getting out, etc., because as I am about to turn in to the Hotel Eastgate, I look back and see him weaving toward me in a drunken trot. ” He says: “Smart enough to choose an out-of-the-way hotel,” and he steps into the elevator behind me and, his pants bursting with demands, goes at me like an octopus. (Moonves, for his part, told By now, Silent Generation aside, the question has occurred to you: Why does this woman seem so unfazed by all this horrible crap? This is Cam, who continues to run his hand inside my shorts and under my blouse — even in the dining room during dinner, under the table, squeezing my thighs, shoving his fingers — saying, “You’re my girl. You’re my girl,” and making me Girl Scout–promise “not to tell anyone.” My friends will be stunned to read this. But Aly Raisman, the great Olympian gymnast, and the more than 150 young women who spoke out in court about Lawrence Nassar, the USA Gymnastics team doctor, will not be shocked. He writes a book called It is listed in “rather remarkable” condition, though there is some “light foxing and some very modest yellowing of the pages,” on Abe Books, the rare-books dealer. Before I discuss him, I must mention that there are two great handicaps to telling you what happened to me in Bergdorf’s: (a) The man I will be talking about denies it, as he has denied accusations of sexual misconduct made by at least 15 credible women, namely, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart Mc Dowell, Karena Virginia, Melinda Mc Gillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Juliet Huddy, Alva Johnson, and Cassandra Searles. “Don’t the assistants of your secretaries buy things like that? He is a big talker, and from the instant we collide, he yammers about himself like he’s Alexander the Great ready to loot Babylon. ” I say enthusiastically, walking toward the handbags, which, at the period I’m telling you about — and Bergdorf’s has been redone two or three times since then — are mixed in with, and displayed next to, the hats. The struggle might simply have read as “sexy.” The speculation is moot, anyway: The department store has confirmed that it no longer has tapes from that time. Give me a three-cheese foot-long with a mound of red onions on it or a couple of Amy’s organic black-bean burritos and I’m happy. I kick backward at his shins, manage to get the key to work, jab a backward elbow into his ribs, squeeze into my room, and push, push, push the door closed. I’m up there, perpetually, eternally, forever in mid-leap, urging the crowd to never lose hope. Today I open a letter for my column, I read the question, and what do I do? We do not cast ourselves as victims because we do not see ourselves as victims. ” he says, laughing — he was around 50 himself — and it’s at about this point that he drops the hat, looks in the direction of the escalator, and says, “Lingerie! I have no recollection where lingerie is in that era of Bergdorf’s, but it seems to me it is on a floor with the evening gowns and bathing suits, and when the man and I arrive — and my memory now is vivid — no one is present. Feeling for the room key in my jacket pocket, I run down the hall, and as I try to put the key in the door, my boss catches me from behind and clamps his teeth on the nape of my neck. My sisters, Cande and Barbie, were cheerleaders; my brother, Tom, was a pole vaulter, so he jumped too. I don’t remember anybody else greeting him or galloping up to talk to him, which indicates how very few people are in the store at the time. He wadded up a piece of fabric — it was a light blue-violet shade and looked fluffy, like a bunched-up hairnet. He pulled up my dress and crammed the balled-up material down my pants. Weber, my high-school biology teacher, I can, with 100 percent confidence, say those yellow leaves are poplar leaves. Straddling me, the boy looks zonked out of his mind with the possibilities. I remember the thought flashes through my mind that could I have foreseen the circumstance of a boy throwing me down and pushing my sweatshirt up to my chin, I would not have worn a padded bra. I have to [sic] many things to do — rather than waste my time with CREEPY BOYS.(signed) Jeanie Carroll After college and bumming around Africa, I arrive in Chicago, ready to start my so-called career. He seizes both my arms and pushes me up against the wall a second time, and, as I become aware of how large he is, he holds me against the wall with his shoulder and jams his hand under my coat dress and pulls down my tights.

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But wild, half-witted, greener-than-green Jeanie Carroll, 50 years before #Me Too, 40 years before women even begin expecting things could be different Jeanie Carroll, who takes her licks and doesn’t look back, is not about to pass up a dinner in the goddamn Pump Room! (One of the last times I ever eat meat, so disgusting is this night.) My boss? Have you ever shut a dog outside who wants to come in? But I’ve also encountered many creeps, villains, dickwads,and chumps simply because I’ve been around a long time. 15 on the Most Hideous Men of My Life List: Les Moonves, chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of the CBS Corporation. I get a big scholarship and appear on the TV quiz show This championship is, in fact, so important to the Indiana athletic department that they put me on billboards all over the state of Indiana — giant images of an ecstatic Jeanie escaped from her bottle, soaring above the stunned crowd in the Indiana University football stadium, a big i on my crimson sweater, cheerleading skirt aswirl, legs split like the atom. I start shouting and yelling and cheering at the correspondent to pick herself up and go on. The correspondent And many women my age just “get on with it” too. While the strategy has worked for me, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to say something about two of my Hideous Men. ” replies the man, fondling the hat and looking at me like Louis Leakey carbon-dating a thighbone he’s found in Olduvai Gorge. There are two or three dainty boxes and a lacy see-through bodysuit of lilac gray on the counter. We’ll go together.” My second friend is also a journalist, a New York anchorwoman. He’ll bury you.” (Two decades later, both still remember the incident clearly and confirmed their accounts to Bergdorf’s security cameras must have picked us up at the 58th Street entrance of the store.

” “You’re soooo booooooozzzzshwaaaaahh,” says my boss. But at the time, it is only a dozen or so blocks away, and my boss insists on driving me home. I am surprised at how uncomfortable the stiff leather seats are. When I turn to say good-bye, he says: “You’re smart.” I say: “Thank you! He is breathing and moving his hand slowly and hotly, and I fight no battles in my head. This is Cam, who teaches me to swim and dive and awards me the coveted White Cap! Or perhaps he says, “Not this time.” I can’t recall. ” I don’t remember what he says, but he comes striding along — greeting a Bergdorf sales attendant like he owns the joint and permitting a shopper to gape in awe at him — and goes right for a fur number. New York law at the time did not explicitly prohibit security cameras in dressing rooms to “prevent theft.” But even if it had been captured on tape, depending on the position of the camera, it would be very difficult to see the man unzipping his pants, because he was wearing a topcoat.