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21-Mar-2020 22:49

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The next day, Jones says, his parents confronted him. “My dad said he wasn’t going to have me infecting our family with that disease.”They kicked him out.

His father, an Air Force pilot, was wearing his blue dress uniform. He spent the night in a cheap motel, contemplating suicide.

Sit back, relax and take in the hottest army conscription scene you’ve ever seen.

Sexy, stacked nineteen-year-old boys lined up sweaty and spent after a tough drill.

He was a Navy SEAL, a muscular M-60 gunner trained to kill and survive in enemy territory. He held his secret close, so close that his SEAL teammates — his closest friends — never suspected.

Jones was careful to introduce his male lover, a Navy sailor, as his roommate.

He left an “I love you’’ phone message for his lover — a stupid mistake, he realized the instant he hung up. The Navy launched an investigation designed to dishonorably discharge him.

“I tell Ethan: ‘Try not to look at them as being hateful.Both his parents and the Navy banished him because he’s gay.On this steamy night, the two gay parents and their straight son are sweating and shoving as they fight to win a roughhouse driveway basketball game called Cheater Ball.He persuaded an attractive friend to pose as his girlfriend whenever the SEALs threw parties.

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But one day in 2002, Jones accidentally outed himself.

Flames erupt from the contraption as it boils a pot of water on the kitchen counter.