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24-Aug-2020 06:54

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But at some point he asked her to transfer money in order to help him out of a troublesome situation.

She later discovered, however, that his profile had been stolen from an Italian business man, according to DR.

“If it is too good to be true, it is rarely true,” the police warned on Tuesday in a Facebook message titled in all-caps ' AVOID BEING CHEATED, ONLINE DATER'.

“Have a natural scepticism when you’re dating online.

They’re always working late hours, away on assignment, and/or putting their lives on the line.

It’s a tough job, to say the least, but I can tell they truly love what they do.

The person you are communicating with is not necessarily the person they say they are,” police said.

The police wrote that scammers are often foreigners who send online dating site users messages in broken Danish and English, seemingly with the help of Google Translate.

In over 60% of cases the information disclosed on dating sites is completely incorrect with online daters lying about their personal and financial circumstances, criminal background and in some cases even their true identity.

94,000 kroner, gone One victim of such a scam, Lis Daugaard, told Danmarks Radio’s programme Kontant on Thursday that she transferred 94,000 kroner (,000) to a man she fell for on

Her newly-found love, who called himself Robert Aleksander, charmed her by sending flowers and chocolate and writing love letters, although he never had time to meet her in person, saying he was on business trips.

Street patrol, Mobile, Mounted Troops, NYPD, whatever your passions are, the Police Friends Date is the ultimate single community for single police.

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Best of all the Police Dating Site is truly and totally free to send and to recieve message.As of 2008, more than 1.1 million people were full-time employees of a state or local law enforcement agency.