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However, most people do not think of eating disorders as being part of the OCD spectrum, and the relationship between the two disorders has gone relatively unstudied.

Even more troubling is the fact that when patients seek help from mental health professionals in order to alleviate their suffering, clinicians may often mistake one for the other.

Going one step further there are many instances in which patients demonstrate behaviors that at first glance appear to be indicative of an eating disorder, but actually turn out to be a result of OCD.

As an illustration, consider the OCD sufferer who may lose weight excessively and appear anorexic yet is doing so merely as the result of contamination concerns or time-consuming rituals that prevent him or her from eating on a regular basis.

Individual throws out food in a can because it was discovered to contain too many calories after reading the label.

Individual repeatedly asks a waiter in a restaurant about different dishes on menu doubtful that he or she has enough knowledge to make the perfect meal decision.

More specifically, individuals who suffer from anorexia commonly diet and exercise excessively; those with bulimia usually develop a vicious cycle of binging and purging.

In both instances, extreme and often life-threatening behaviors that consist of either consuming too little or too much food typically stem from intrusive obsessive thoughts.

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Ever since 1939 researchers have speculated on the parallels between OCD and eating disorders.Individual excessively washes hands to remove trace amounts of oil that might cause weight gain if ingested.