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is an ultrasound of your pelvis which produces an image of the foetus in the uterus. An image of the baby is produced by the reflection of those sound waves.

The images (sonogram) are displayed on a television screen.

Your doctor may recommend a further prenatal diagnostic test such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.

You will then have your blood pressure taken on both arms and your height and weight will be measured if you are not sure.Sound waves are used instead of radiation which makes them safe.You will need to have a blood test done before coming to Women’s Imaging for your ultrasound scan. You can have your blood test done any time from 10 weeks of pregnancy.Ideally you should have your 1st Trimester bloods/ Maternal Serum done at least 7 full working days prior to your appointment with us. We like to scan you between 12 and 13 weeks 6 days of pregnancy.

We offer the most sensitive and comprehensive risk assessment for your baby between 12-14 weeks which includes pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction.

Occasionally there is some discomfort from probe pressure on a full bladder or from the vaginal probe manipulation. You will be able to see all of your developing baby We are able to take some important measurements which allows us to give you an accurate risk assessment for your baby.