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So here we have Kai Millard Morris a fashion designer who got married to Wonder in 2001, the following year Kai gave birth to her son Kailand, and three years after that her youngest son Mandla Kadjay Carl Steveland was born.

Kai Milla from Washington, DC studied fine art and design at the Corcoran School, she met her husband in 1999 at Nell Club in Manhattan, where she was working as a freelance art director. Kai Milla’s clothing line was launched in 2005, some of her a- clients include actress Eva Mendes and Michelle Obama.

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His father was married to blues singer Syreeta Wright from 1970 to 1972.

I was scared for a second," Horace said in one breath.

Millard Cooper Park offers pavilions, picnic areas, a nature trail and playground equipment.

You grabbed your bag and walked towards the garage.

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"Right, I'll go get dressed." Millard said as he exited the room. Once you were done you grabbed your phone and put it in your bag.

She shut down her business in 2010 after she failed to pay vendors for months.