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million in political spending, SAN would find itself well below the threshold for excessive political activity-- which, absent specific bright lines from the IRS, is generally assumed to be less than half of a group’s overall spending.For one, as Bloomberg reported last October, internal reports from the ad agency that ran SAN’s digital campaign, and individuals who were involved with the effort, showed that SAN worked with Google and Facebook to target the ads at swing-state voters.“Facebook advertising salespeople, creative advisers and technical experts competed with sales staff from Alphabet Inc.’s Google for millions in ad dollars from Secure America Now,” the Bloomberg report writes.If it wasn’t already clear that the ad was meant to stoke viewers’ fears of imminent Muslim conquest, the video is interspersed with violent imagery.Three missiles are seen flying through the sky as the video opens.

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Things like this need to covered and need to be immediately resolved. MUST DO: See the universities, there are many here. If you're white-skinned, you won't stand out too much because many of the people here are too (they don't get much sun), but if you look rich you might be made a target.Aside from Pereira, Manizales may be one of Colombia's most overlooked and underrated cities. Hooking up in Manizales is certainly doable because many students don't live with their parents, but If you want to make the most of this place, you have to stay for awhile and be seen out and about by the locals. Remember, it's a small city so people get bored easily. Manizales is unique in the sense that it is probably the whitest city in Colombia (at least, in my experience).

It is affordable, friendly and very conveniently located in the middle of Bogota, Medellin and Cali (by bus: 6 hrs to Bogota, 5 hrs to Cali and 4 hrs to Medellin). If you're the new kid in town, you can hook up with girls in Manizales.***If you want to meet girls in Colombia the easy way and set up dates before you arrive in the country, I highly recommend checking out Colombian Cupid. I found women here to look more Spanish than Colombian.

It’s hard to discern where this discrepancy stems from.