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04-Oct-2020 17:47

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This relegates him to mall cop duty at the West Orange Pavilion, where he takes his job very seriously. He could compete with figure skaters on that thing, as demonstrated in a video his mom posts of him on a dating website.See, he’s a lonely single Dad too- living at his mom’s, with his suitably chunky daughter Maya- and unfortunately the movie spends way too much time on this and his romantic life, to be really funny.Kevin James is funnier than this, and if the movie weren’t so dry and tame, it would be easier to watch.As it is, if you catch it once the mall gets taken over, you’ll see the best parts.The only one in a position to help the hostages and apprehend the bad guys is Paul.I admit to having looked at my watch a few too many times during the movie's prolonged opening act as we "get to know" Paul.He doesn't get to carry a gun but he has a Segway to ride around on.Paul's ultimate dream is to join the New Jersey State police force, but hypoglycemia has thus far prevented him from completing the physically draining entrance exam.

The film takes off, however, when it gets to the Die Hard stuff.After stumbling through a lackluster first 30 minutes that features all the tepid humor one might reasonably expect from a mediocre comedy, Paul Blart: Mall Cop does something unexpected: it becomes watchable, perhaps even passably enjoyable.That's because this movie elevates its objective from lampooning mall security guards to satirizing one of Hollywood's biggest genres: the action/crime movie. To be sure, the iconic 1988 Bruce Willis film has been the subject of numerous big-screen parodies during the past two decades, but none has succeeded as well as this one.This is actually a pretty clever way to rework the basic scenario of John Mc Clane trapped on his own with a group of terrorists in a building.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop refers either directly or indirectly to Die Hard numerous times (I can see a drinking game here…), and it's amusing to recognize how minimal tweaks can convert thrills into laughs.

I went in expecting a lot more jokes, even kid-level ones, but it takes a long time to build up steam and even then there are only a few solid laughs.

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