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It's part of a series that includes blueberry, pecan and apple pie variations.

As founder and owner Russell Springsteen describes many of his customers: “They want to sample, they want to push their boundaries, and they want to experiment with flavor profiles." The largest brewery north of Grand Rapids, Short's is known for its dynamic array of releases — such as Melt My Brain (3.8% ABV), a gin-and-tonic-like golden ale made with coriander, juniper berries, limes and tonic water, available this year until September.

Getting to Short's Brewing Co.'s taproom in Bellaire normally takes about an hour from Traverse City.

We include it in this list because new this summer, you can drive half as far to drink beer outdoors and take tours at the Elk Rapids production facility where the beer is brewed.

But the ones at Right Brain dive a bit deeper into mad scientist territory.

Its gold-winning Mangalista Pig Porter (7% ABV) includes pig heads and bones among its ingredients.

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Another time, I had Bourbon County Brand Stout (15% ABV) by Goose Island Brewery.

Her friends liked it so much, she decided to start selling it as a “Belgian special.” Other house beers on rotation include the Son of a Bee-sting!