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Recording of title under the Act was voluntary and this was one of the reasons why the Act proved ineffective.The Land Registry has been dealing with the registration of all transactions (purchase, sale, mortgage, remortgage and other burdens) concerning registered land since 1892, and issued land certificates which are a state guarantee of the registered owner's good title up to 1 January 2007.Land Certificates have been abolished by virtue of Section 23 of the Registration of Deeds and Title Act, 2006.Every piece of land in the register — which is arranged by county — is granted a folio number, under which all transactions pertaining to the land can be examined on request and after payment of a fee.The system in Ireland follows the English system, but with features typical of the Torrens system (for example, anyone can inspect the register).Robert Torrens himself drafted the Record of Title (Ireland) Act, 1865 in order to record titles conveyed.It has responsibility for the registration of owners corporations under the Building Management Ordinance.Land registration is compulsory across all of Ireland, and two parallel registries are maintained: the Land Registry (Clárlann na Talún in Irish) and the Registry of Deeds (Clárlann na n Gníomhas).

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A registered deed took precedence over an unregistered deed.

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