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18-Dec-2019 12:07

I also suggest introducing templates somewhere in the tutorials because it might be one of the more confusing aspects of editing wiki pages especially if it is used in this tutorial. not the ponyyy i want the flower :) more seriously: You say click on "edit" but: if i click on "edit" it is the visual editor and the game don't work. I wonder why you don't do the game for visual editor, to modify article.

There you choose the wikicode interface and never speak about the 2 interfaces(wikicode and visual editor).

It's designed for people for whom it is their first time.

Not necessary, as it ignores the people who have had an account for a short time and have gone experimenting.

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You should have more people see this, as I only stumbled on TWA from Teahouse links on other users' pages.Another thing is that for the earth article you might want to point out that we don't usually use level 1 headings.