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16-Apr-2020 02:37

When we first began dating, her silence was nourishing.Not because it prevented her from saying things that would hurt me, but because it made me appreciate her words that much more.I nervously asked her, via AOL Instant Messenger, if she would be my girlfriend.

We worked together and I was proud that she also got to see the professional side of me—making speeches, achieving goals, and even acting a fool.I do remember wearing my soccer jersey and cleats as she, our team’s manager, sat next to me on the bus; younger kids giggling at us, wondering what we were up to.She wore dirty Vans and followed me and my friends around during our skating phase.In the same way I had plans to grow, to evolve, to discover myself in new contexts, so did the questions that followed me.

I was unaware of how difficult it was to evict tenants of the mind. An autumnal wind passed through Washington Square Park.

I believed that what I had with her was one of the most meaningful relationships of my life.