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hatco: its m y father company hatco: yes in yahoo 14_year_old_hottie: oh great 14_year_old_hottie: cyber?

hatco: u alone home 14_year_old_hottie: yeah very alone and wet hatco: woooow hatco: u hav msn 14_year_old_hottie: nah hatco: h a t c o l b hatco: ad me 14_year_old_hottie: i dont have msn 14_year_old_hottie: listen lets cyber hatco: h a t c o 5 5 @ y a h o o 14_year_old_hottie: sry i dont have sound hatco: im alone home with cam hatco: viea hatco: u can see cam here too 14_year_old_hottie: ill feel comfterbl with cyber first hatco: realy 14_year_old_hottie: yeah hatco: can i ask u 14_year_old_hottie: then cam hatco: ok hatco: u ever sen ur mom boobs hatco: i seen last night hatco: hehh 14_year_old_hottie: hmm hatco: she was shower and door open 14_year_old_hottie: oh im so wet hatco: but she dont see me 14_year_old_hottie: oh yess!

Daddies Little Girl14: i only know in cm bbarry: i wil converrt bbarry: 175 would be nice Daddies Little Girl14: 1m 73 Daddies Little Girl14: ooh bbarry: wow bbarry: and 14???

Daddies Little Girl14: yea Daddies Little Girl14: i have tall parents bbarry: i am 178 Daddies Little Girl14: wow Daddies Little Girl14: that big bbarry: so in yuour heels we will be eye to eye bbarry: how tall is mom?

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Daddies Little Girl14: how can you see me bbarry: special vision Daddies Little Girl14: alright Daddies Little Girl14: now what am I doing?Daddies Little Girl14: yeah Daddies Little Girl14: i dont know Daddies Little Girl14: a bit shorter than me bbarry: taller than you / bbarry: nice Daddies Little Girl14: bbarry: as you walkd in the bedroom i see you look back at me bbarry: and see the outline of your boobs bbarry: erect nipples Daddies Little Girl14: I push you on the bed Daddies Little Girl14: i cant wait Daddies Little Girl14: I tear of your shorts bbarry: let my help yo out of those clothes Daddies Little Girl14: showing off your erect pen is bbarry: my erection is immense Daddies Little Girl14: wow, what a pole!Daddies Little Girl14: i kiss the top Daddies Little Girl14: and start licking heavily bbarry: 17cm long Daddies Little Girl14: !!!chad19: lol im ok on seeing your %%%% sexy NGgirl69: but but I love u chad19: lol i love you too chad19 has the thirdd Emo Cr AZY: hey sexy NGgirl69: wanna watch me on cam? willum: not sure dunno if i wanna look sexy NGgirl69: oh ok sexy NGgirl69: well bye then willum: bye? Pretending to be a guy pretending to be a girl is fun. unsureaboutme: and are u tiny all ova or just like ur hands or something Tiny Girl15: I'm completely small : P unsureaboutme: hehe unsureaboutme: whereabouts u from? unsureaboutme: hehe cool unsureaboutme: i like that Tiny Girl15: ooh unsureaboutme: how old r u Tiny Girl15: 15 Tiny Girl15: like in my username unsureaboutme: hehe i thought so unsureaboutme: u got a bf? lol 8_year_old_hottie: i rup your dick fenris..: hahaha...!!!!! 8_year_old_hottie: my hole becomes very wet 8_year_old_hottie: blood is coming out 8_year_old_hottie: and icky stuff fenris..: oh really..!! 8_year_old_hottie: i rub it hard 8_year_old_hottie: nah i dont have any of that fenris..: r u cuming..? xxtexaslady81xx: OMG THEYV LANDED xxtexaslady81xx: NOOO Dad_need_daughter: i lov u hunni xxtexaslady81xx: JEREMY!!!! Big Boob Stacy: Im a guy Big Boob Stacy: You like men? Big Boob Stacy: im 19 Big Boob Stacy: I work as a nurse Big Boob Stacy: mostly taking care of old people Big Boob Stacy: like, cleaning their butts after they poop.... Londonm85: its more convenient to chat Big Boob Stacy: msn?

d Emo Cr AZY: hell yeah sexy NGgirl69: im doin a live feed at sexy NGgirl69: see ya there sexy boy d Emo Cr AZY: hey gimmie ur number we can send pics sexy NGgirl69: just go to the site sexy NGgirl69: im tryin to strip right now d Emo Cr AZY: im there sexy NGgirl69: you like it? ....on lets send nude pics thats better sexy NGgirl69: what am i wearing? sexy NGgirl69: d Emo Cr AZY: r u the one with the purple underwear rite????? sexy NGgirl69: but it really turns me on when people watch my vid willum: ill look sexy NGgirl69: thanks babe sexy NGgirl69: how do you like it? ----------------Part 1-----------------unsureaboutme: tiny? Tiny Girl15: the UK unsureaboutme: cool unsureaboutme: i love da uk accent unsureaboutme: so aside from tiny, wat u look like? Tiny Girl15: no unsureaboutme: aww Tiny Girl15: oh forget it Tiny Girl15: I'm just too ugly unsureaboutme: what do u want in a guy? haha 8_year_old_hottie: i strap you to the bad fenris..: okay then.. 8_year_old_hottie: i grab a chain saw and cut you into little peices then put the peices onto my hole 8_year_old_hottie: sry dont know what its called 8_year_old_hottie: then push into it 8_year_old_hottie: your turn fenris..: ohh.. GET THE PLASMATRON CANNON ITS OUR ONLY HOPE xxtexaslady81xx: EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE xxtexaslady81xx: OMG OMG OMG xxtexaslady81xx: KABOOOOM!!!! Perfect_Man_4_U: yeah OK lots of luck big boob guy with a girl's name Big Boob Stacy: YAY! No, I don't do drugs Big Boob Stacy: sorry Londonm85: u have bf?

bbarry: wow, i dont have to bend over anymore bbarry: you are soooooo tall bbarry: i hope i got the right sizes bbarry: opens bag Daddies Little Girl14: Daddies Little Girl14: yay :d Daddies Little Girl14: I finally get to see whats inside bbarry: thng panties size XS Daddies Little Girl14: :o bbarry: push up bra in matching color bbarry: size 32B bbarry: 4" high heeled sandals bbarry: size 5 Daddies Little Girl14: oh my god bbarry: what do you think so far?

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