How do you spell accomodating

26-Oct-2019 03:18

Both modifications and accommodations should be used carefully and with thoughtful consideration.Let’s discuss some ideas on how we can use accommodations and modifications to make learning easier for students with LEP.

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In this common situation, it’s imperative for teachers to choose appropriate modifications and accommodations in order to make the content more accessible to them.

This way, you’re giving them the chance to communicate their knowledge in a way that circumvents the language and/or writing barrier.

Just thinking about the advanced French class that I took in college makes my head spin to this very day. Although I had a decent grasp on speaking and understanding French, it was still difficult for me to keep up with everything that was covered.

Our superhuman powers even allow us to impart knowledge to students through an osmosis-like processes. We constantly seek new ways to liven up our ESL lessons, and we explore tools to meet the needs of various learning styles.

Instead, we stay up late researching strategies to motivate our students.

They’re add-ons, tools that ensure that students can demonstrate what they know without lessening their expectations.