How accurate is conception dating break the ice dating show

28-Jul-2020 02:48

I had an ultrasound on 4/26 that dated me 11wks, 2d CRL 45mm with EDD 11/12.Ultrasound on 5/14 dated me 14weeks, 0days with CRL 82mm with EDD 11/12.Then you again had another period in October, which would not have happened if you were pregnant ! Next, assuming you are a small person, if you had conceived in September, first trimester scans would have still shown the conception as being from September, because in the initial stages, the size of the baby does not matter.What matters for dating is the yolk sac, appearance of pregnancy sac, and the heartbeat in the baby.

IE - if I am a small person, wouldn't my measurements be smaller (even if I am further along) and be prone to a larger error bar? Now, in the first case, without ejaculation, pregnancy is rare.

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