Help consolidating medical bills

04-Nov-2019 22:49

If you use debt settlement, make sure you find a good company, go through an exhaustive list of pros and cons and always ask about their rates and payment plans.Steve Rhode from Get Out Of has a great article if you are considering Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation.Payday Loans & Title Loans: These are a loan of last resort.

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Understanding all those options can be incredibly confusing, especially since they all have similar names, but that’s not excuse for learning what your options are before taking the plunge.

Debt Settlement Plan: Debt Settlement, also known as Debt Relief, is a service where a debt settlement companies withdraw a predetermined amount from your bank account each month that they put into escrow for you.

Please note that an individual can settle his/her debt on their own as well. They then negotiate with your creditors to reduce your overall debt amount, and use the money they have been saving up for you to pay off that debt.

Recommendation: I would not recommend this, especially if your debt is large.

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Chances are good you’ll get sued at some point by the creditors, which means going to court and wage garnishments.Pros: You get instant cash Cons: The exorbitant interest rates will keep you in the debt cycle.

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