Guys freak out dating

22-Aug-2020 14:40

For some reason they feel that being close to someone means they can having a short temper with them, have a short temper with them and treat them more poorly than they would someone they weren’t close to.When you think of it like that, it’s no wonder why this mindset leads to fighting and strained relationships. There is nothing more anger-provoking and fight-baiting than interrupting the other person or jumping down their throat the moment that they finish their sentence. Give them space to speak and make a point of giving 100% attention to them while they’re speaking.

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When I am able to stay in touch with my love and respect for the other person, I am able to keep my emotions in check and I don’t blow up at them.Once you have tasted the “high” of fighting with a particular person, you will start to crave fighting with them unless you make a point to stop giving in to anger cravings.