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03-Apr-2020 23:14

Then he disappeared into the entry alcove of the bar, curled over his cell phone for ten minutes. I thought maybe I liked him, but he made me a little uncomfortable, too. He looked at me until finally, under some weird pressure, I gave it to him. A note explained that he’d seen this poster and thought of me, because of my favorite old movie. I scanned my memory for days, trying to remember whom I’d discussed this with in the last six months… I had to say no to Dex’s request to finally meet in person. – Ivan: Another guy I met in the store I worked at, Ivan is the guy I married. I avoided picking up the phone for any local number I didn’t recognize. He said I knew him as a customer (I worked in a men’s shop), but he didn’t want to reveal who he was. A few months later, I received a mailing tube with a bow on it at the store where I worked. I opened the tube, and it was the original movie poster for starring Katharine Hepburn. His voice seemed a little familiar, but by that time, I was already in a relationship with my husband – one that had started out fast and grown like wildfire.

I probably would’ve gone out with Dex, but the guy took too long! Finally, one day, he said that if I wanted to see the new movie we’d been discussing (, it turns out), he’d love to tag along. This allows you two to keep talking a bit after you get her number, which cements the emotional connection as well as shows her that you’re interested in more than just saying that you got her number.Tell Her You Need Her Number Another big mistake guys make in how do you get a girl’s number? Rather than asking, just tell her that you need her number so that the two of you can get together some time.A quick note here: A lot of what we’re doing here is trying to make it easier for her to say “yes.” Even minor obstacles can stand in the way of you getting the number that you’ve been after all night. Text Her Immediately One of the great things about texting is that the whole awkward “when do I call her” thing is largely in the past.

Rather than waiting to call — or even text — The Art of Charm recommends that you send her a quick, playful text immediately after you get her number.Hand Her Your Phone As you tell her that you need her number so that the two of you can get together some time, hand it to her. Put your phone in her personal space “bubble” and hand it to her.

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