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06-Jun-2020 14:49

G-Dragon has never spoken about the rumors himself. According to the producers of 'Radio Star', MC Yoon Jong Shin mentioned the dating rumors during the talk and asked, "Are they just rumors?

" G-Dragon reportedly looked very startled at first but remained calm and answered coolly.

Regarding the latest dating rumor, YG Entertainment couldn‘t be reached for comment as of Monday afternoon, while Lee’s agency Better ENT said it is in the process of confirming it with Lee.

In response to the rumors, YG Entertainment only vaguely addressed the hot issue, stating that they do not know much as it consists of the artist's private matter.

A fan captured the supposed-to-be lovers and posted the photo to lots of social network sites.

We can see that G-Dragon attempted to hide his face by wearing a mask and a brimmed hat.

The two were swept up in dating rumors in November last year, when the photos of the two enjoying a trip in Hawaii raised suspicions among fans.

G-Dragon and Lee’s agencies both denied the rumors and stated they were accompanied by their acquaintances on their vacations to Hawaii.

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G-Dragon and Kiko were reported of being together, in the media outlets, two years later, when Kiko was seen at G-Dragon’s birthday party.

Get out on your feet already instead of camping on Twitter.” The representative staff of YG Entertainment also issued a statement, saying that G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara are not lovers.