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In the United States, Lu Rui Xi (Ella Chen) sees Yi Quan in the documentary and is instantly smitten.

So Rui Xi undergoes a physical transformation to disguise herself as a boy in order to attend the school.–Wikipedia Already, if you’ve seen the Japanese version, you’ll notice something a little different in the synopsis, where it says “One day during a friendly soccer match, Rui Xi is knocked unconscious by Xiu Yi.

Once there, Rui Xi manages to become roommates with Yi Quan and also befriends Jin Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang), who begins to question his sexuality when he becomes attracted to Rui Xi.

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After spending the entire first season complaining about how he can’t find a girlfriend, he finally finds one, but the second she starts to get serious about the relationship, he begins worrying that maybe things might be going too fast and that she might be putting more into the situation than he is.