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114: There are a LOT of things that were better in the 80's than today....(5.57) Posted by Ivan303 on 2018-06-18, (.219) but it's mostly because I was in my 30's during the 80's and am now in my 70's.Otherwise it seems, according to your words, that is all you'll get for the device if you sell it. 8: Re: Yes, but the entry-level stuff has all but disappeared. 9: RE: REVIEW: Dynaco Dynaco ST-70 KIT Amplifier (Tube) (6.92) Posted by Mick Wolfe on 2009-03-19, (1.242) Yes, my speakers are 88 db and although the 70 does a great job, the 120 might be a more ideal fit. You'd be hard pressed to find its equal at a mini ....... (6.79) Posted by Rivets55 on 2006-04-17, (.88) Mid 50's to 70'S? 12: correction (6.77) Posted by slapshot on 2012-01-26, (205.1) I believe it's /year, not /month. I don't recall the rectifier failing due to an incident stated in the thread. (6.57) Posted by Mike on 2000-08-31, (.42) If you think the Monarchy is all that, your next step is a Pass Aleph 3 (about double the price of the SM-70 used). 24: RE: REVIEW: Dynaco Dynaco ST-70 KIT Amplifier (Tube) (6.45) Posted by rgurney on 2009-03-20, (.251) The ST-70 is optimized for 5881, 6L6, KT66, and KT77 The ST-120 is optimized for 6550, KT88, and KT90. 25: Re: Thanks for all the help with the VAC 70/70 amp (6.44) Posted by Greg M on 2000-02-14, ( Not a whole lot does compare to VAC. 26: Replacing the Dynaco ST-70 with the Cary SLA70B Sig. on 2000-11-01, ( Blew me out of the room. I could not listen to the Cary any longer after spending time with a Dynaco ST-70. Even my more mellow C-J MV-52 seems a bit b ....... I currently have a CAT MK II and have been thinking of upgrading. 64: SM-70 (5.97) Posted by Type Recca on 2001-02-04, ( The SM-70's really do sound great, IMO. Monarchy Audio SM70 (5.94) Posted by David on 2000-03-11, ( I love my sm-70 but then again there only 9 each. Monarchy Audio SM-70 PRO (5.94) Posted by Bill Fong on 2000-01-17, (151.2) Hey Guy. It is everything of the regular SM-70, but in the PRO the amp is : 35 x 2 watt Class A 100 watts Class A in mono block configuration 4 mosfet per channel (like Pass 3 am ....... I found a set of M-70'S at a thrift store for bucks and am going to revive them. 90: RE: Magazines -- Keep or Toss (5.73) Posted by Jive Turkey on 2014-04-14, ( In the old days I used to keep the journal sized Stereophiles for a few years.

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(5.69) Posted by Ross on 2002-06-20, (208.2) You are comparing apples to oranges. on 2000-11-26, ( Hi Vince, You will get the experts by posting this in the Tube asylum. 70% of the time it is "taxing" to determine whether or not the treatment was effective. 102: Dynaco 70 amp--a digression (5.67) Posted by Bruce Righter on 2001-09-21, (2.12) Listener magaazine "reviews" the ST70 in a vintage column, suggesting that the amp is not old, it's just NOW broken in. (5.66) Posted by Rich on 2000-07-09, ( has some grain on his brain. 104: Opinions: Dynaco 70 Eico HF50 - Which is Better? It should easily drive the Dunlavys rated (and likely correctly) at 91-92 sensitivity. (5.64) Posted by Lucky Lyndy on 2007-05-12, ( In the 70's, shows like Kirshner's 'In Concert' and Austin City Limits were also broadcast on FM stations for the best sound. (5.63) Posted by musetap on 2010-06-11, (66.2) and my Will Vincent rebuilt Dyna 70 amp (run in triode mode), of which the main base of the amp is likely even older. 109: Re: Vintage Pioneer SX receivers from the 70's (5.63) Posted by mrh (Mark Hardy) on 2000-02-08, (1.66) If you like the Pioneer stuff from the '70's, you should look at some of the better mass-market Japanese hardware of the time, such as Yamaha and Onkyo.

The ST-70 is a stereo amp that uses a pr of EL-34 per ch for ~35wpc The HF-50 is a monoblock (need 2 for stereo) that uses a pr of EL-34 for ~50wpc. Mentions that some feel a transformer needs 40 years to hit its best. I've heard the 30/30 and 70/70 and heard no grain whatsoever, nor would I have expected to. (5.66) Posted by Doug on 2002-06-20, (64.2) I have the opportunity to purchase either a Dynaco 70 or an EICO HF-50. I drove my Dunlavys to loud volumes with a 20 wpc SET. I've owned a Yamaha integrated amp since 1978 a .......

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