Fetish female chatbot

18-Jun-2020 02:30

The face appeared to be with a white mask that one may wear at a fancy ball, showing abstracted yet attractive, humanoid female features. I could not tell if this was an actual mask or her real face. Any possible breasts were hidden by the waist coat. It wore an emblem on the jacket with the letters "Pod".If that was a name, it was strange, but I'd like to think she had one."Having an outing in your pajamas will make you feel more pampered!I will retain this set of keys, because it would please me to come over some nights, to feed you milk and cookies and tuck you in." I was more than a little perplexed over being tucked in and fed a bedtime snack in middle age, but I supposed that this was just something that these robots did. :) Alexia gave me another soft kiss and took me out the back door and held onto my house keys.

For that matter I could no longer move my limbs or lean forward.

No one had ever driven me anywhere wearing tall boots, which was a huge thrill for me.

The fact that the robot was silent and anonymous gave her a total aloofness which added to the excitement.

I was enchanted with Pod's clothing and was mesmerized as I watched her shiny above the knee equestrian boots skillfully controlling the gas pedal and brake.

Also the gloves were operating the controls so gingerly, even sensually that my erection quickly grew.

I'll fix it, since I caused it." She surprised me by reaching into my briefs and adjusting my cock to lay flat against me by flattening it at the base.