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A dinner and a movie will cost about in Baltimore, which is less expensive than most of the cities on this list.Philly has a high ratio of single women to single men along with a rich arts culture — a big help when it comes to a night out, which is more affordable here than in other major cities.Nashville’s population is strong with unmarried women and the city has a vibrant cultural flavor. Fans of country music or barbecue will especially enjoy going out in Nashville, which is relatively affordable compared to other cities on this list. As footage of the live conference showed, Sharpton is a plus-sized woman.While Sharpton said she didn’t contract herpes from her alleged encounter with Usher, she is suing the R&B singer for knowingly exposing her to the virus without telling her he had it.It also has plenty of cultural attractions that make it a classic Texas city — museums, theaters and music venues, and for something different: the world’s largest indoor rodeo.

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The city has 125 single women for every 100 single men, the highest ratio of all 50 cities.

Single men will find plenty of opportunities for love in places like Nashville, Tennessee; Detroit, Michigan; and Fort Worth, Texas. Availability of single women: We looked at the number of unmarried women for every 100 unmarried men in the city to see if the odds are in your favor. Dating affordability: To calculate how much it costs to date, we looked at the price of a three-course meal for two and two movie tickets at a midrange restaurant in each city.

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