Excel vba application screenupdating not working

10-Oct-2019 00:22

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Value = Zipcodeplus End If End If End If Userform1.

Value = 85 'get rows of config Set rng = Cells(Row, col2) Do While rng.

When the user selects the sheet (Using a Radio Button) a procedure is run that selects the sheet and activates it. Screen Updating = False, then some code runs which sets up the sheet and activates it. Now after some investigating I realized that Excel was not done activating the sheet so if I wait long enough the sheet might display.

The last statement of the procedure sets Application. Now if I remove the Screen Updating statements from the code then the sheet is displayed correctly and usually in a short period of time.

My Office and anti-virus software are current, I disabled all add-ins, I ran Off Cat, I disabled all animation. My default printer does not effect this (I tried the Document Writer and there was no difference).

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Find(What:="IBase Number", After:=rng, Look In:=xl Values, Look At:= _ xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Next, Match Case:= _ False, Search Format:=False).

I'm seeing a lot of posts about issues with Excel 2013 repainting the screen after running a macro but I have not seen a clear resolution to what I have been experiencing.

I have an existing workbook (which worked perfectly fine in 2010) and in the main sheet of the workbook there is an index of existing sheets for the user to select. If I switch from Excel to say Outlook and then return to Excel the selected sheet is repainted correctly.

Value = 60 Set rng = Range("A1") On Error Go To notfound Row = Cells.

Value "" Then 'the Is Numberic function has screenupdating set to false at beginning and true at end If Is Numeric(Right(rng. Value = Partnernum End If Set rng = Range("A1") Set rng = Cells(Row, col5) If rng.