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27-Aug-2020 23:54

When a guy interrupted me with a definition of a word that was tangentially related (like interrupt me to explain what different light frequencies are if I talk about UVB light) so i interrupted HIM to tell him i dont want a lecture and continued what I was saying. What can I do better in the future or how can i have a conversation about this really annoying behavior?sorry for stereotyping and bad;dr when i was younger i wanted to BE Hermione, not date her.The part where they ruin a joke is the worst for me.I love banter and playing off other peoples jokes and being goofy.Edit: ok, it is possible that they are not boring and mansplainers, only excited to share information and talk about interesting stuff (science! If that is the case, it should be ok to just say you would prefer to not be interrupted, or somehow ask politely why did he feel like sharing that information with you (“hey, I love talking to you about these things, but when you explain a simple concept like this it feels less like talking, and more like a lecture”) engineers who had only a rudimentary understanding of a physics concept but still loved to explain it to me in great detail.

I don't want to contribute malice to what is surely ignorance.

I don’t think those things really have anything to do with an engineering career.

I’ve dated engineers (including an aerospace one) before and they were both very empathic, supportive, patient and understanding funny that you have this experience with that name... Maybe ill try to casually drop those in the conversation...

I dated someone briefly last year who was a stickler for every detail and it drove me nuts.

I was talking about a place on X and Y streets and he's like, "That's not where the store is. It's on Z and Y streets." Stopped the whole convo in the middle of my story to correct me.

I don't want to say anything specific because Idk if they reddit.

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