Emotionally invalidating environments

13-Nov-2019 09:54

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In contrast, validating caregivers acknowledge the child’s emotions, help them to experience, and accept emotions appropriately.The consequences of invalidating caregivers are such that the child does not learn to label private emotional experiences as valid, normative and trustworthy.Furthermore, research is providing evidence for the contributions of adolescent BPD symptoms to impaired functioning in adulthood, as evidenced by lower life satisfaction, social support and relationship quality, and more chronic stress [12].As such, examination of BPD symptom development in an adolescent sample can be a reliable opportunity for examining the effects of parental invalidation as it occurs.In an adult community sample, findings revealed that perceptions and/or experiences of parental invalidation during childhood accounted for the largest association with emotion dysregulation [5].Counter evidence also exists, however, indicating that parental invalidation is not always related to BPD symptomatology [6,7].Received Date: June 16, 2015 Accepted Date: August 19, 2015 Published Date: August 26, 2015 Citation: Valentin M, Sasha M, Theodora M, Cecilia M, Chrysostome ZJ, et al.(2015) Family Functioning and Parental Invalidation of Depressed Adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder Traits. doi:10.4172/2375-4494.1000235 Copyright: © 2015 Valentin M, et al.

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Conclusions: These findings highlight the need to work upon the family environment for the treatment of BPD symptoms, especially in adolescence before symptoms become consolidated.Adolescent; Borderline personality disorder; Family environment Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an important mental health problem defined by a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects.It is further characterized by impulsivity, recurrent suicidal behaviours or selfmutilation, chronic feelings of emptiness, and intense emotional reactivity and anger [1,2] widely accepted biosocial etiological model of BPD posits that borderline traits develop as a function of inherent deficits in emotion regulation systems combined with dysfunctional environments.Certain family functioning environments may foster more invalidation than others.

The current study serves to examine how dysfunctional family functioning may allow for BPD symptoms development through the fostering of invalidating environments.

Therefore, the emotional dysregulation of individuals with BPD is thought to be sustained within the context of an invalidating childhood environment.

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